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We Believe GOD has BIG things in store for Word of Life International.

We have developed 12 core values as a church that makes us unique.

We call it The Core…


1. We Love as Christ Loves
If you look at the life of Christ, you will see a man who did not look at age, race, or gender. Here at Word of Life International; we are a multi-cultural church, showing the love of Christ by making disciples of all nations.
2. We are a Judge-free church
We will not condemn anybody for their mistakes or for their past; rather we will speak vision and life over everybody that comes through our doors and in our community.
3. We are Reaching a Generation
God has called Word of Life International to reach a generation that has walked away from the things of God. It is our mission to bring those far from God to a closer understanding of who He is, and for those who don’t know Him, to a place of acceptance.
4. We are a Hospital for the Hurting
We cater to those who are in need and are hurting. We believe God wants to heal, restore, and strengthen those who have been hurt.
5. We are Warriors for Christ
Being a disciple of Christ, we know it is not easy being a Christian. At Word of Life we are an Ephesians 6:12 church; understanding that our fight is against the spirit realm and not each other.
6. We are a Next Level Church
Although we try not to emphasize on titles, we believe in empowering our members to take their God-given gifts to the next level.
7. We are a Light in the community
Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our city.
8. We are Winning souls
We are driven by our love for people to reach out and win souls for the sake of the Kingdom of God.
9. We are Bold in our Vision
Word of Life International is built on the vision God gave Pastor Roman. In order to impact a city with the gospel of Jesus, we cannot think small. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps of faith, and watch God move.
10. We are an Illustrated Church
We believe in using creativity to bring The Word to Life through visual presentations, videos, live dramas, and dance.
11. We are an Outreach Church
We believe in stepping outside the four walls of the church and bringing the Gospel, through community events and helping and supporting those less fortunate.

12. We are a LifeGroups Church

We want to offer more than just a church experience here at Word of Life, through LifeGroups you will build a better relationship with God and friendships that will last a lifetime.